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The brand Awneet Kumar takes inspiration from natural organic flow and converts it into wearable form. The brand focuses on sustaining the conventional techniques of weaving and hand embroidery by preserving its application in modern world. 


The Womenswear of Awneet Kumar plays with the fluidity and organic elements in our nature. The pattern of lineal continuity can be found as common ground in various ensemble. The transition of traditional silhouette into modernized form is very prominent. A brief focus is given on the surface embellishment to keep the value of the piece intact for years to come. Overall the brand focuses on modern confident women who respect their heritage.     


The scarves of Awneet Kumar are made of pure Silk, Australian Merino Wool and Cashmere. These high quality, 100% natural scarves are woven in the valleys of Himalayas. They are hand dyed with vibrant colors and embellished with traditional hand embroidery from various parts of India. These embroideries are modernized to create a unique texture for every piece.

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